Ten climbers from Nepal made history on Saturday when they become first climbers to reach K2 summit in winter. K2 is situated in Pakistan and is the world’s second-highest mountain at 8,611 meters (28,251 feet).

The historic climb of the Nepalese team took place on the same day a Spanish climber from a separate K2 expedition died. 49-year-old Sergei Mingut fell from a height of over 500 meters (1,640 feet).

K2 is one of the fourteen mountains in the world with a height of over 8000 meters. However, it is the last mountain to be scaled during the Winter season. K2 is part of Pakistan’s Karakorum mountain range bordering with China and is known as the most dangerous and technically challenging peak in the world.

โ€œThe impossible has become possible! K2 Winter is a story made for humanity, a story for Nepal! ” – Nirmal Borga tweeted after he reached the summit with his fellow Nepalese climbers.

K2 has gained a reputation as a โ€œwild mountainโ€ in the international mountaineering community because, since its first failed attempt in 1987-1988, only a few expeditions have attempted to climb the summit in winter. While no one was successful untill saturday.

K2 is the deadliest of the five highest peaks in the world because one person dies on K2 for every four people who reach the top.

Four expedition teams arrived in Pakistan this winter to reach K2 summit.

The Nepalese team further wrote:

The winds at the summits reach hurricane force, the air temperature is still well below -65 degrees and the low atmospheric pressure in winter means less oxygen, so there are practically no margin of error and the slightest mistake can have dire consequences.” On your web page before doing work.

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