Ahmed Ali Larik, an IT Professional from Pakistan, has achieved a remarkable distinction by being selected as one of the Top 100 visionary leaders in Saudi Arabia by the esteemed platform DT 100. This recognition is a testament to his exceptional contributions in revolutionizing the digital banking landscape. Notably, he stands as the sole Pakistani recipient of this prestigious accolade for the current year.

Ahmed Ali Larik has garnered widespread acclaim for his visionary prowess and leadership in the realms of digital banking and fintech. His pivotal role in driving technological advancements at EMKAN Finance, a subsidiary of Alrahji Bank—one of the world’s largest Islamic Banks—has firmly established him as a luminary figure in the industry.

DT 100, a significant initiative, celebrates the extraordinary achievements of technology leaders in Saudi Arabia. This distinguished program seeks to honor individuals who have spearheaded groundbreaking technological progress within the region. Ahmed Ali Larik has emerged as a driving force in propelling Saudi Arabia towards an innovation-driven economy, earning him recognition as a prominent thought leader in the field. His expertise as a technology strategist is in high demand, as evidenced by his frequent appearances as a speaker at prestigious industry conferences, including CXO global forums. Furthermore, he has been bestowed with the title of “Technology Master” and is among the elite group of top 200 CIOs recognized by the Global CIO forum.

Mr. Larik has extensive research spans topics such as Neom, hyperloop, and comprehensive smart city projects. According to his assessments, Neom—a special economic zone in Saudi Arabia—is dedicated to constructing an innovative city with a strong emphasis on integrating AI, IoT, and Data Analytics into governance, services, and decision-making processes.

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