Prime Minister Imran Khan, while Speaking at a ceremony on the occasion of the Ten Billion Tree Tsunami Program in Haripur, has said that the government is committed to fighting climate change and is taking concrete steps to reverse its effects.

Imran said Pakistan would host “World Environment Day” on June 5, signaling the government’s commitment to tackle climate change.

He said it was a great honor for Pakistan, as it is one of the few countries to take serious action to address global warming.

“We will remain true to our aspiration and strive to improve the environment in various ways,” the Prime Minister said.

He stressed that government action to combat climate change is not about the exhibition, but about building a better country for our next generations.

He said Pakistan is among the top ten countries at risk of climate change. He noted that the rapid melting of glaciers is a problem for Pakistan. “The water in our rivers comes from glaciers.” And if their melting rate continues, we will face many problems. Our efforts are focused on securing a better and safer future for our next generations.”

Imran Khan said the government has launched several projects to achieve this goal, including the Ten Billion Trees Tsunami Project, the establishment of national parks and the restoration of wetlands and wildlife. “These projects will also give people job opportunities and promote tourism.”

The Prime Minister said Pakistan is trying to mitigate the effects of climate change in cooperation with all parties involved.

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