Pakistan has launched a COVID vaccination campaign for all people aged 19 and over as the pandemic situation cease to be under control in the country.

Pakistan initially had to face vaccination reluctance and vaccine shortages, as well as limited coverage of people aged 30 and over.

But thanks to purchases and donations from China and donations from the World Health Organization and the GAVI Vaccine Alliance, it has collected more than 18 million doses and is committed to providing them to the public.

Federal Minister for Planning and development, Mr. Asad Umar who also heads country’s National Command and Operations Centre to control COVID said in a tweet:

We have decided to open the vaccination registration to all people over the age of 19. People can register from Thursday. The registration is now open to the entire population of the country, which has been approved by health professionals for vaccination against COVID.

Pakistan has recorded more than 900,000 cases of coronavirus infection and about 20,465 deaths. On Wednesday, authorities reported 2,724 new infections and 65 deaths in the last 24 hours.

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