Pakistan Air Force has received 14 dual-seat JF-17 aircraft from China today as per local media reports. The jets will be deployed for both training and Combat purposes. . As per details, new Block-3 JF-17 aircraft has enhanced capabilities and are being acquired to counter India’s procurement of Rafael.

The Block-3 JF-17 jet was inducted into PAF’s fleet in a ceremony held at PAF Air Base. As per analysts, Block-3 version of the jet has better avionics as compared to earlier versions.

The production line of the JF-17 has on average shortened the production period of a single aircraft by 15 days compared to last year. The Pakistani Air Force is the main operator of JF-17 fighter jets. Myanmar also flies the Chinese-Pakistani made fighter jets.

As per news report, the powered-up version of the JF-17, known as the JF-17 Block 3, made its maiden flight in December 2019.

The block-3 version is fitted with active electronically scanned array radar which enhances the jet’s informatized warfare capability and weapons. Moreover, Pakistan is also expected to evaluate the potential deployment of radar-guided, long-range Chinese PL-15 missiles on the Block-3 JF-17 jet. The PL-15 missile has a longer range than the ones which are deployed in Indian Air Force.

Ceremony being held for induction of JF-17 Block 3 at PAF Airbase
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