Pakistan has been included in the first list of the COVAX vaccination program, under which Pakistan will receive 17.2 million doses.

According to an AFP report, the list was released with concerns that low-income countries might lag behind wealthy countries in the vaccine race, and that COVAX came up with a solution to these problems.

The list of 337.2 million doses of vaccine distributed under the program has become known for the first time, with the first shipment expected by the end of February, the report said.

The largest amount to be received by India – 97.2 million doses, Pakistan – 72 1.72 million doses, Nigeria – 16 million, Indonesia – 37 13.7 million, Bangladesh – 1.28 million and Brazil – 1.6 million doses.

The COVAX program is co-hosted by the World Health Organization, the GAVI Vaccine Alliance and the Coalition for Epidemic Prevention Innovation (CEPI).

The program includes poor countries, as well as South Korea with 2.6 million doses, Canada with 1.9 million doses, and New Zealand with 250,000 doses.

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