Pakistan plans to vaccinate 70 million people against coronary heart disease by end of December-2021.

In a press release today, Dr. Faisal Sultan who is PM special Assistant on Health mentioned that the vaccination of people over the age of forty has began in Pakistan.

He further mentioned that Pakistan has been vaccinating roughly 150,000 people per day, and that the government plans to increase the vaccination rate to 300,000 people per day. He added that the country plans to immunize 70 million people against the virus by the end of this year.

SAPM also said that the government has so far signed up for 30 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine from various suppliers including COVAX and Chinese Governments. He added that Pakistan would receive 19 million by June, saying that 90% of the targeted vaccination doses have been purchased.

Sultan said single doses of CanSino will soon be launched in Pakistan where 3 million doses of CanSino will be prepared at NIH per month.

Meanwhile, the country has already started vaccinating people over the age of 50. The government plans to launch vaccinations for all citizens after Eid al-Adha.

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