Pakistan is witnessing COVID19 Vaccine shortage across various cities while the government is working to secure supplies of COVID-19 vaccines across the country, and more vaccines are likely to arrive soon.

So far, 20 million people have been injected, and the government received enough doses in June to encourage vaccination in the country, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination Dr. Faisal Sultan said in a media briefing.

He denied reports of a shortage of vaccines only in Pakistan, calling it wrong and said that supplies are short across the globe and not only in Pakistan.

He said the vaccine situation in the country would improve after June 20th, when more vaccines arrived in Pakistan.
He did not specify when the supplies would be delivered, stating that they had contacted local and regional governments to fill the gap.

Dr. Faisal said: “We have two million doses and vaccination will continue to protect our citizens from Corona infection.”
The Prime Minister’s assistant for health said it would not hurt if the second dose of the vaccine was postponed by six to eight weeks instead of the usual three to four-week break between shots.

Many citizens faced shortage of vaccines across different cities. While Astrazeneca vaccine is available however, the Chinese vaccines (SinoPharm, SinoVac) are in shortage and many citizens have to go back from various vaccine centres due to unavailability of the vaccines.

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