A Pakistani Doctor has waived a fee of over 100 million rupees for American Patients who are financially affected by the corona epidemic.

Yes, a Pakistani-born oncologist based in the United States has waived US $ 650,000, or over 100 million Pakistani rupees, for treating dozens of American patients.

Good Morning America reported that Dr. Omar Atik, a Pakistani citizen who runs a cancer hospital in the US state of Arkansas, has refused to pay for 200 American patients.

According to the report, Omar Atik closed his cancer hospital in Arkansas in March 2020 after he got a new job.

Omar Atik has worked as an oncologist for the past 40 years, although he ran his own hospital for 30 years.

Omar Atik hired another institution to collect fees from patients seeking hospital treatment after he closed his hospital after taking a job as a university professor.

The agency that collects the fees told Omar Atik that some patients were unable to pay due to financial problems or job loss.

The report said that when a doctor found many patients were unable to pay for their services due to financial problems, he decided to waive all patient fees on Christmas Eve last month.

According to Good Morning America, on Christmas Eve, Omar Atik and his wife sent a Christmas message to 200 cancer patients, including a waiver of payment.

A Pakistani doctor refused to receive a total of more than 100 million rupees from those patients.

Pakistani doctors are praised for giving up such high fees for patients and they are called the Messiah.

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