The Pakistani Cricket Board (PCB) awarded women’s national team player Alia Riaz the Player of the Year award and Fatima Sana the Junior Cricketer award.

In a statement posted on Twitter, the PCB congratulated Fatima Sana and announced that Fatima Sana had won the award for the best female cricket game.

PCB CEO Wasim Khan presented the award to the aspiring cricketer.

In another tweet, the PCB reported that Aliya Riaz won the award for the best woman in cricket.

Alia Zafar, the first female member of the PCB Board of Governors, presented the national team player with the “Best Female Cricket Player of the Year 2020” award.

In a conversation with Alia Zafar, Alia Riaz said that the series about Zimbabwe is good, and that one can learn a lot from the mistakes made, and he learned a lot personally.

“The South African team is very good, but this time we fought them hard, but we will try to fix the shortcomings in our team next time,” he said.

Referring to the difficulty in cricket, she said that at first it was difficult to leave the house, but her family fully supported, but when it was planned to come to Lahore, there were some difficulties in how to be alone and do everything on his own. However, with the passage of time, she made her way to PCB

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