On Tuesday, Prime Minister Imran Khan highlighted the importance of developing beach and coastal tourism in Balochistan province, properly exploring the tourism potential of various regions, which could lead to huge revenues fr the province.

Speaking at the gathering of local residents of Lasbela, after a campaign to plant trees and inspect mangroves, the prime minister said that the government’s task is to change the standard of living of the people through fundamental changes.

He noted that each region has its own characteristics, adding that it should also focus on those tourist destinations that can attract Muslim residents around the world.

The prime minister said that the reason made this country an attractive destination for Muslims, and said that due to Islamophobia, Muslims around the world do not want to travel to Western or European countries with their families for tourism.

Tourism Potential: Government Provides Full Benefit: Prime Minister

He said the government plans to develop coastal tourism and is seeking scientific advice from quality consultants.

The event was attended by Prime Minister Jam Mohamed Kamal and representatives of other regional authorities.

The prime minister said the British developed mountainous or mountainous areas during their reign, but these areas gradually deteriorated.

For the first time, he added, the government is exploring new mountainous areas and exploring other scenic spots to attract more tourists.

He said that the country’s coastline has not yet been explored, and he also highlighted the spread of mangroves because they absorb carbon dioxide and release a lot of oxygen.

The prime minister said he was delighted with the beauty of the area. He said that Almighty God had blessed the earth with precious wealth and regretted that people had not previously shown due to these gifts of nature.

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