Prime Minister Imran Khan has launched the Rehmatul-Lil Alameen scholarship program in Islamabad to help disadvantaged students gain access to university education.

The Prime Minister said the federal government will spend Rs 5.5 billion for 70,000 scholarships each year.

The prime minister stressed that “no nation can develop without education,” adding that a country cannot develop if the powerful do not obey the rule of law. Imran Khan reaffirmed his commitment to building Pakistan as a great nation.

He indicated that the fellowship program will also be launched in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, for which the budget will amount to Rs 427 million.

The scholarship program is estimated at Rs 27.93 billion to be utilised over the next five years. The program will be implemented in 129 state universities across the country. The provinces will also be launching there scholarship programs.

Punjab has an approved annual budget of Rs 1 billion for this scholarship program. Meanwhile, CM Usman Buzdar from Punjab said the scholarship will be expanded to include other professional degrees as 50 per cent of the scholarships will be merit-based, while the remainder will go to needy and under-priviledged students.

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