Transparency International Pakistan (TIP) has raised concerns over the private import of the COVID19 vaccine in Pakistan and has requested Prime Minister Imran Khan to revert the policy that allows the private sector to import the Covid-19 vaccine.

According to a letter addressed to the Prime Minister on this matter, Civil Society International said that governments around the world purchase and provide vaccines to their citizens free of charge, as it is the responsibility of the state.

TIP Head Justice (r) Nasira Iqbal noted that Pakistan is one of the first countries to allow the private sector to import and sell Covid-19 vaccines, this could open up opportunity for corruption.

It is worth noting here that the Federal Cabinet has set the maximum selling price for the Russian Sputnik-V vaccine at Rs 8,449 for two doses and the Chinese Conividecia at Rs 422 per injection.

The letter says the global price cap for the Sputnik-V vaccine is $ 10 per dose, which means two international doses of Sputnik-V are available for $ 20.

“At this rate, taking into account the difference in the currency value system, the cost of Sputnik-V in Pakistan should be 1,500 rupees. However, the approved price for commercial sale in Pakistan is 160% higher than the international price. It should be noted that in India a single dose of AFC / Sputnik-V costs less than INR 734. ”

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