Pakistan’s Ambassador to UK Moazzam Ahmed Khan has expressed optimism that the UK government will remove Pakistan from Travel Red List in its upcoming review on 26 August.

Khan told reporters in London that a Pakistan Mission in the UK has been engaged with the British authorities about their decision to ban travel from Pakistan and said officials here should review the information received from Pakistan, taking into account all factors.

He also denied reports of a communication gap between the two countries over the Covid-19 problem.

“We believe that the system adopted [by the British authorities] for assessing Pakistan does not provide an accurate picture of our Covid-19 situation and this needs to be corrected,” he said.

Khan said two of the UK’s main reservations about Pakistan are inadequate monitoring of new variants and limited testing. He added that the lack of data does not bother the British authorities.

Khan said the main goal of the UK government is to prevent infected passengers, in particular the new variant, from entering the UK. In his opinion, this goal can be achieved using PCR and antigen testing.

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