Pakistani actress, model, singer and presenter Veena Malik has raised fans’ concern with her social media post.

Yesterday Vina Malik posted an image that looks like a jungle on an Instagram photo and video sharing app, and the photo also has the words “Offline” in English.

“Offline” means that she will not be active on Instagram for several days.

Veena Malik also used the ‘Take Break’ hashtag in her caption to her post, which made it clear that she took a break from Instagram for few days.

Veena Malik did not give a reason for taking a break from Instagram, but after seeing her post, her fans are expressing concern about why she decided to take a break from Instagram.

It should be noted that actress Veena Malik made headlines again as her husband sent her a Rs 500 million notice accusing her of trafficking her own children.

Last year, Asad Khattak posted a detailed statement on Twitter, in which he said:

I thought a lot, but now my patience is running out. My silence was considered cowardly. I hope that my father will achieve justice, because with Allah it is already late and not dark. Someone has to answer for my pain. I sent Veena Malik a 500 million rupee notice.

Actress Veena Malik took the stage after serious accusations from her husband and said that according to the law and sharia, I have been caring for children since September 25, 2019.

The actress divorced Assad Khattak in 2017. She also shared a divorce letter.

On the other hand, actress Vina Malik has filed a libel suit against her ex-husband Asad Khattak.

Actress Veena Malik said that her ex-husband made false accusations against her in the media. False accusations took their toll on her reputation. Veena Malik married Asad Khattak on December 25, 2013 in Dubai. They have two children

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