Bitcoin is on track for its longest monthly gains in more than a year after briefly touching a level of $28,000 over the weekend.

Worlds largest cryptocurrency with market cap of $526 billion, was trading at an all-time high of $28,328 on Wednesday after losing some gains, according to CoinMaketCap. The run of outsize returns over October, November and December so far is the longest such stretch since mid-2019.

Analysts are expecting $30,000 shortly but the magnitude of any gain or loss from this level will now be lesser. Analyst expect 10% to 15% deviation from the current level.

Bitcoin has advanced about 290% this year, while the wider Crypto Index is up by 260%. Bitcoin has divided analyst’s opinion as its price has roughly tripled in 2020 taht too in a worsening pandemic situation imapcting economy. Market participants blieve that Bit Coin is a hedge against a weak dollar and inflation as governments turn to stimulus injections. Furthermore, increased interest from institutional buyers is also one of the reason for price appreciation. While some critics question Bitcoin’s eligibility as an investment and highlight Bit Coins history of massive rallies followed by Price crashes.

Despite all the criticism, Bit Coin still remain most favored Crypto Currency although with increased volatility. However, increased demand is expected to keep the prices up.

Bitcoin Price Trend- Source:CoinMarketCap
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