Following the soaring dollar rates, a series of declines in the open market continues. In just four days, the dollar has dropped from 331 to 307 rupees.

On the fourth day of the business week, the value of the dollar decreased against the rupee, and in the open market, the dollar is now at 307 rupees, down by 5 rupees. It’s worth noting that just yesterday, the open market recorded a significant decrease of 11 rupees in the dollar’s value.

In the interbank market, the start of the business saw a decrease of 2 rupees and 1 paisa in the dollar’s value, bringing it to 304 rupees and 96 paisas. However, the trend of decline continued, and by the end of the market, in the interbank market, the dollar closed at 304 rupees and 94 paisas, down by 2 rupees and 3 paisas.

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