As per the notice issued to the Pakistan Stock Exchange, the Board of Directors of Mirphurkhas Sugar has approved the revised project cost of up to Rs. 2 billion keeping in view of revision in the scope of the Paper & Board Mill Project and the resultant increase in its production capacity along with efficiency. As per the notice, the project is expected to take around 24 months to become operational.

Baggasse from Sugar Production, is traditionally used as captive fuel in sugar factory boiler for raising steam required for the generation of power and driving the prime movers. However, very few Sugar companies in Pakistan are involved in production of Paper and Board from Bagasse By-Product. The pricing of Import grade paper and Board Products are very high at present, making establishment of such plants financially viable.

Mirpurkhas Sugar Mills is a part of Ghulam Farooq Group and is Principally involved in manufacturing and selling of Refined sugar.

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