The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) has introduced on Monday a 90-day Futures contract for the month of August 2021. PSX has also introduced new eligibility criteria for futures trading

The 90-day Futures allows traders to access DFC with three different maturities – at the end of the current month, at the end of the next month, and at the end of the subsequent month – at the beginning of each contract month.

In fact, the new system will ease the liquidity pressure for the Roll Over week of Futures. Previously, Investors remained worried about the last week of every month when they have to either pay future contracts or roll over to the next month. The availability of the DFC for 90 days means that investors have more time and opportunity to update their current positions.

Currently, 84 companies and one ETF are eligible to enter into futures contracts based on factors which measure real liquidity of the stocks. Listed funds (ETFs) will qualify if certain conditions are met.

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