Proton Pakistan has achieved the milestone of 1000 vehicle sales in Lahore. Although the composition of car sales is not avaialable, however it is believed that majority of cars include X70 SUV Model.

The company officially entered the Pakistani market in December 2020 with the launch of the X70 SUV. However, hasn’t yet achieved wide spread presence on the roads as compared to other SUVs like KIA Sportage, Morris Garrage HS and Hyundai Tucson, although it is being vouched as most cheap yet reliable SUV in Pakistan.

Proton is currently having supply side issues as it is trying to meet the demand for SUVs in Pakistan and back channels suggest that the there is awaiting time of 6 to 9 months for SUVs as all CBU SUVs have been taken off the market.

Proton Pakistan had also announced pricing for the 1300cc b Saga sedan in three variants two weeks back, where Car Reservations started in early April 2021. While X70 SUV model was unveiled in December-2020 by Proton Pakistan.

Proton Pakistan received greenfield status in 2016–2021 as part of Pakistan’s Automotive development policy.
ADP 2016-21 expires in June 2021, and Car models presented by new companies in this time period will be given duty relaxations under the five-year plan.


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