Startup Grind Lahore, in partnership with Transforming Hub and with support from the Ministry of Commerce and the President Office Organized events to recognize, and promote Pakistan’s new startups and institutional innovation at the President House in Islamabad.

BizNet’22, together with PSO-backed OZI Group, marks the first time in Pakistan’s history that entrepreneurs startup founder and various organizations Work together in vertical integration to foster entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship at all levels.

For the grand opening ceremony, Omar Khokar, Host and Director of OZI Group Amin BizNet’22 asked Iftikhar Hussain, Startup Grind Lahore Head to deliver the opening speech where he said: “The world has seen how strong communities with strong foundations and networks can develop ecosystems of large scale change. in the past year We have seen extraordinary growth in the startup ecosystem. And this is just the beginning. Using technology, as the pandemic has shown, is at the heart of the future. And I hope this first iteration of Biznet’22 advances the common goal of a growth-driven collaboration ecosystem.”

He drew the public’s attention to the FutureFest to be held on March 22nd by Startup Grind Islamabad, Pakistan’s largest Startup & IT event. He thanked the Ministry of Commerce and the President of Pakistan for their support in moving the talks forward. He thanks partners: Ozi Group, PSO, CEO Club Worldwide USA, Popcorn Studios and Daftarkhwan.

The host welcomed President Dr. Arif Alvi to commemorate the Pakistani Startups like Bykea, Finja SimSim, Cheetay, Tag, Educative, QisstPay and Airlift finally gained recognition after accumulating huge investments, while Ozi Group and Unilever Pakistan were recognized as business innovation categories to support startups. local ups

Finally, the President of Pakistan congratulated Dr. Arif Alvi, addressing their achievements to the distinguished guests and celebrating the growth, development and future opportunities of start-ups and business innovations in Pakistan. This was driven by events such as Biznet’22. Speaking about the impact of startups on the inclusive business environment in Pakistan, he said, “The emergence of startups has transformed the way we do business. old upside down where young people work as their core Create innovative solutions and democratize business.

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