Pakistan’s leading Discount App, Bogo, has reportedly secured seed funding round from Fetchsky and Wah Brands. Fetchsky is a tech company while Wah Brands is a fast food company.

The six-figure investment amount is greater than $ 100,000 while it is projected to help Bogo upgrade its technology, expand its commercial base and reach new cities across Pakistan. As a strategic investment, Fetchsky will be the technology company leading Bogo’s technology upgrade while Wah Brands will likely use Bogo’s data lake to make smart investments in food brands.

FetchSky is already running a location-based business directory in Pakistan known as Peekaboo Guru, which helps users discover deals and discounts in their city, indicating that the two apps may share synergies in the future.

Bogo was founded in March 2015 starting its operations in Karachi with Buy One Get One Offers. As of 2021, Bogo has coverage in six cities in Pakistan and offers a book and app that lists vendors by food, salon, store, and leisure category, providing customers with savings and experiences.

BOGO’s book and app is priced at Rs 3,400 and Rs 2,800 respectively, while it claims that nearly 2,000 merchants in six cities are on board along with 200,000 apps Users.

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