As per Media reports, Jabberwock Ventures, the parent company of Cheetay Logistics and Swyft Delivery Solutions, has raised nearly $ 20 million in Series B fundning round. However, same cannot be confirmed through official announcement. The funds will be utilized for both the startups.

Cheetay was founded in 2015 two brothers Ahmad Khan and Majid Khan as an online food delivery platform. Cheetay was originally launched as food delivery platform but also ventured into grocery delivery since COVID19 increased the demand.

Cheetay had previously secured Series A funding of $ 7.8 million in 2019, which was also funded by Jabberwock Ventures. While it also secured $3.8 million in another round of funding.

While Swyft Delivery Solutions is a shipping company headed by Muhammad Uns as CEO. Jabberwock CEO Majid Khan is also the CEO of Swyft Delivery Solutions. The launch began at the end of 2019.

The funding will help these startups in expanding there operations

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