The growth of e-commerce in Pakistan has been quite rapid as many companies try to capture the pie in e-commerce market share. However, one company “Dastgyr” decided to enter the retail market by digitizing the wholesale business.

Dastgyr was founded in May 2020 amid COVID-19 pandemic peak in Pakistan. While many businesses were winding up and Investors were reluctant to venture out into new territoryory, Muhammad Owais Qureshi and Zohaib Ali decided to invest a total of $ 300,000 in funding to launch an online store. Noticing the attractiveness of the company, many Investors joined the company.

The B2B e-commerce marketplace received six-figure funding from angel investors from the United States, the United Arab Emirates and Pakistan in 2020. While this year, the startup had raised the first seven-figure round from an undisclosed international private equity firm.

Dastgyr is an Android (mobile) app that connects suppliers and retailers to sell and buy goods in bulk.

Dastgyr’s business model is a technology-driven ecosystem backed by an impressive technology platform that connects suppliers with resellers and enables swift logistics and payments. Retailers get competitive pricing and convenience in just a few clicks, while suppliers can reach a huge customer base with low maintenance.

Dastgyr employees are involved in the transportation of goods and the movement of goods between sellers and buyers. Dastgyr is a one-stop service for retailers who don’t have to do the physical work to find suppliers.

Dastgyr now intends to enter new markets. The founders want to have a presence throughout the MENA region.

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