IlmX is a social enterprise founded in 2020 that provides high quality education to influence people and organizations in Pakistan.

The platform invites a variety of learning partners to join the mission to make education accessible to all. The learning platform works through action-based, interactive learning and is best positioned to learn new skills that will help unlock the true potential and ultimately transform them into future change Change makers.

How ilmX came into being? After the COVID19 outbreak, schools, universities and other educational institutions faced difficulties accessing the network, and the ilmX platform tried to provide a solution. IlmX Learning Platforms are designed to make learning interactive.

The platform focus on 4 main issues: microlearning, learning autonomy and learning planning based on best practices; and a hyper local approach to teaching.

ilmX continues to focus on localization as all content in one of the module Workplace Essentials for Business programs is strictly localized for the Pakistani context, leading to the involvement of local subject matter experts who helped us design this course. The platform also addressed the legal aspects of issues that were part of our various divisions, such as workplace bullying, safety requirements, and so on. The content of our training modules is intended for companies working in a Pakistani context.

IlmX also works in business training, ilmX for Business, catering for companies, businesses, commercial, non-profit, small and medium enterprises, public sector organizations and others. The goal is to grow more productive and empathetic employees, and to reduce skill gaps. The first product in this regard is “Workplace Essentials”; It is a ready-made library of educational content covering many important topics in the workplace such as bullying in the workplace; reduce the impact on the environment; Security basics; mental health at work; And much more – all in the context of Pakistan. Every module is is available in both English and Urdu to make it accessible to all the audience.

For partnership ilmX is looking for leading organizations and trainers, that meets one criteria, and our partners must have at least one criterion: they must be leaders in their area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise; They must have experience in a given area, knowledge or topic; They should focus on serious academic research; They must be committed to the development of education; They must have a vision of how to provide quality, affordable and accessible education like ours, and a desire to change the world for the better.

What’s for the Future? The platform focus on expanding the workplace bullying prevention cycle. The plan is to make ilmX a national learning platform and ultimately global as we try to attract content partners not only from Pakistan but also from overseas to open up global learning opportunities for platform partners, learners and organizations .

Platform has scheduled launches of different modules including “Finance for everyone”, “IELTS Prep course”, “SEO training”, “Freelancing” etc.

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