Pakistn Based start-up Walee has raised $ 2.7 million in seed funding from Pakistani telecommunications company Z2C, which is interested in advertising, public relations, technology and commerce. The Valuation was not disclosed in the funding round, but Z2C has confirmed that it has acquired a minority stake in the company.

Founded in 2019 by Mohamed Ahsan Tahir, the portal allows brand and media agencies to connect with influencers to conduct online campaigns. According to its website, the startup has over 50,000 influencers (mostly micro influencers) with an overall goal to target 100 million subscribers.
The website also states that Walee has registered over 5,000 Influencers to date.

The platform allows brands to attract influencers to advertise their products and services to their followers on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Startup also offers an offering that allows influencers to sell brands and their affiliates and get a share of every successful sale. Platform creators can also show interest in participating in a campaign (published by a brand) and getting results. Content producers can also track how much they’ve earned from each campaign on the platform and, if desired, raise money through different channels.

Walee has also created a social media Monitoring tool that allows brands to track and analyze social media conversns. Z2C-owned media agency Branchild Communications recently partnered with Walee to share the tool with Pakistani brands.

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