Pakistanemerging brand for organic skin and hair care products ‘Conatural’ has secured $ 825,000 in Pre-Series A from seasoned institutional investors and business angels, the company said in a statement.

The funding round was backed by local VC Firm ‘Karavan’ and Investors from the Middle East and China.

In a press statement, ‘Contatural’ said it is one of the largest investments prior to Series A, secured by a women-based startup that is also the only one of its kind to offer branded beauty products.

The company plans to use the funds raised to expand its online and offline retail model.

Contural, founded by Miyra Qureshi Jahangir and Reema Taseer, is a women-led organization that is a leader in the branding, manufacturing and marketing of natural and organic skincare products specifically designed for South Asian skin flare. As a women-led organization, it aims to inspire and empower women and empower women in the workplace, with nearly 50 percent of its employees being women.

With natural and organic formulas, and no animal testing and recycling commitments, the brand is 100% committed to its natural principles, the statement said. The company continues to focus on dermatology results and credibility along with sourcing certified high quality ingredients.

The co-founders believe that the amount raised in the preliminary A round is significant and will be used to accelerate the company’s growth, including the introduction of new product lines and online channels, as well as increasing sales in the export market. Conatural sells merchandise online in its physical stores at Emporium Mall and Packages Mall in Lahore through premium retailers throughout Pakistan and also serves export markets.

Conatural says it has the potential to grow rapidly amid a large, scalable market and demand for natural and organic products. Many of the brand’s campaigns are based on social engagement, highlighting the importance of beauty beyond color and issues related to women, autism, health and fitness.

Amad Said, Partner at Caravan, is of the opinion that “Conatural is paving the way for the natural and organic beauty industry in Pakistan by creating a brand that is revolutionizing beauty in Pakistan. A brand that can compete on the global stage with brands such as Lush, Kylie Cosmetics (Kylie Skin), Huda Beauty (Wishful) and Glossier. Over the past 10 months, to get to know Mira, we are very happy to join her on this journey. “

While Wuhan Liu, an angel Investor from China said: “Over the past decade in Asia, there have been various examples of local champions winning the beauty and cosmetics market and successfully competing against global giants.”

With an Increasing population, high percentage of youth, and emerging economy, Pakistan offer attractive investment opportunity to Risk taking Investors from across the globe.

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