A project has been launched in Pakistan to deploy a 16,000km long fiber optic cable, aiming to accelerate the process of digitalization and networking. The Chief Executive Officer of Sunwalk Pvt Limited announced this development during a ceremony held in Islamabad. Sunwalk, a Chinese company that has already invested $5 million in Pakistan, plans to invest an additional $100 million to lay optical fiber in various regions once it obtains the Right of Way (ROW) from different public sector departments.

Tony Lee, the CEO of Sunwalk, emphasized their focus on fast deployment and adherence to the ITU-T Standards to ensure quality. He expressed their unwavering commitment to providing the best services in Pakistan.

Two months ago, Sunwalk Group Chairman Hou Xing Wang informed the Federal Minister for IT and Telecom, Aminul Haque, in a meeting that Sunwalk Group would soon commence the installation of fiber cables across the country, backed by significant investments.

According to an official statement regarding the project, Afshaan Malik, the Chief Business Officer of Sunwalk Group Pakistan, highlighted the long-term strategic relationship between Pakistan and China, stating that Sunwalk has fulfilled its promise by initiating the national fiber backbone project. She affirmed Sunwalk’s dedication to providing optic cable infrastructure to the people of Pakistan. The groundbreaking for Phase-1, spanning from Islamabad to Multan, took place on Thursday. Afshaan further mentioned that Sunwalk is currently in the process of obtaining ROW from various government departments.

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