Facebook and Instagram has introduced option to hide Likes on posts.

After several testing phases, the world’s two most popular social media apps, with nearly 4 billion users, have started letting users decide whether they want to hide likes on other users’ posts, hide this feature on their own, or make any changes.

You can also change whether you want to hide the “Like” mark for each post on both platforms. You can hide similar numbers in the settings for new messages.

Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram at Facebook, told reporters that the ability to hide likes has been udner study since late 2019, but has been on hold due to the pandemic. Mosseri said that while hiding this option in recent tests did not affect the experience of millions of users, it ended up pulling a little polarization.

Mosseri’s comments about the hiding of “likes” came as Facebook is rumored to introduce an Instagram for kids.

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