The Federal Revenue Board (FBR) and the Pakistan Telecommunications Agency (PTA) have introduced a new system to deal with complaints from Non-Resident Pakistanis (NRPs) and foreigners visiting Pakistan regarding the blocking of their mobile devices. It has developed a new device identification/ Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS).

To avoid the problem of blocking, the Temporary Registration System will be used for foreign Pakistanis and foreign nationals who do not wish to keep their mobile devices in Pakistan. and is intended for one mobile device only.

In order to use this facility Applicants must provide identification information such as a passport number. Date of arrival and departure Mobile SIM card in the name of the subscriber and IMEI of the device

The new system requires a real-time FIA ​​IBMMS check to verify the applicant’s arrival date.

After 120 days of stay, the IMEI used in this service will be suspended and will not be used in LAN services.

In the event that the same applicant returns to Pakistan, They must re-apply for this temporary arrangement by re-entering the credentials used for their first or previous registration in this system.

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