The federal government will soon be promulgating a bill for data privacy of the citizens.

Following Cabinet approval, the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (MoITT) has given the Personal Data Protection Act 2022 to the Law Ministry for Vetting.

Notable features of the bill include the creation of the Commission, data subject rights, cross-border information mechanisms, and the roles and responsibilities of controllers and processors.

The draft law/bill also considers the mechanisms of responsibility for the misuse of citizens’ data.

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has passed the Data Protection Law for the reliable management of information in order to fulfill its obligations to citizens.

In addition, the ministry believes that such legislation will facilitate commerce and e-commerce and help create a fair business environment by providing guarantees for standardized business.

The sources said that an effective and balanced data protection law would not only help bring digital platforms into Pakistan, but also provide legal certainty for local and international companies to ensure a secure digital economy.

In addition, the proposed bill will also play an important role in helping Pakistani companies doing business in other countries to provide information about their citizens to Pakistan and promote their business.

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