Official opening of the Business Incubator Center at the Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry will take place on on 25 September. Initially, 8 women will start working in this Centre, and their number will gradually increase.

Rubina Amjad, chair of the selection committee and former chair of the Women’s Chambers’ Business Incubator Center, said that this is the first such project of a women’s chamber in Pakistan, and its cost is Rs. 2 million. All basic services are provided to working women in these modern workplaces, she said.

He said it was the Government of Pakistan also pays Rs. 25,000 to women who work in business incubators. She said that in addition to the infrastructure, women working at the center will be provided with training and legal tools, and women working here are expected to be able to start their own businesses within six months.

Ms Rubina also thanked Amjad Asif Bashir, head of the incubation center at the National Textile University, Nigat Parveni from the State Women’s College, Karkana Bazara and Dr. Rizwana Patulia from the Women’s University for opening the incubation center.

Chair of the Women’s Special Initiatives Committee Ms. Qurat ul Ain, spoke about the business incubator center and said that young female students who want to start a new business are encouraged as much as possible so that they can start their own business. She asked Secretary General Muhammad Din Tahir to immediately develop a comprehensive training program for the Business Incubator Center in collaboration with Asif Bashir.

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