Instagram has introduced a new “Text Sticker” for Stories and video that converts video audio to text.

These text stickers will allow users to view and understand the videos without sound. This feature will be useful for people with hearing impairments as well as for users who want to watch videos without sound.

To use this feature, users must first record a video using the Stories camera or Rails camera on the Instagram app or select a video from the mobile gallery. Then open the sticker tray and select a new text sticker that will transfer the audio to text.

Users can also change the text style, title, position, and color to match the video. Once posted, this transcript will appear along with the video. This feature will be available initially in English and is currently limited to English-speaking countries, but will soon be introduced in other countries and languages ​​by Instagram.

Currently, more than 500 million users use Instagram Stories every day.

Instagram caption stickers will first be tested in stores and reels and then served to the general public.

This feature has been introduced since Tick Tick introduced a feature called Captions called Auto Captions.

The AutoCaptions feature on TickTalk translates US and Japanese English videos automatically, but captions can be turned on or off from the Villa app’s sharing panel to watch the videos.

Instagram previously offered support for captions on Thread and IGTV, but the company expects the expansion of Story and Rails to have a bigger impact.

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