The Kaarvan Crafts Foundation, which equips rural women in Pakistan with earning skills, has partnered with Dukaan to create online shopping for women to showcase art.

Both Kaarvan and Dukan are committed to providing women with financial resources, equal opportunity, independent freedom and sustainable growth so that they can live with dignity.

The Kaarvan network consists of 25,000 women-led micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in 22 districts in more than 1,000 locations across Pakistan.

Women under Kaarvan sell handicrafts and other handicrafts from locally sourced materials such as embroidered crafts, skirts, home textiles, jewelry, bags, bags, jewelry, etc.

The e-commerce market in Pakistan has grown significantly due to the growing proliferation of online payments, logistics, and connected smartphones.

Small sellers, especially in the remote and rural areas of the country, are struggling to take advantage of digital technology.

Dukan provides Karvan small business owners with e-commerce training with a free mobile app that allows them to easily create global e-commerce while eliminating the complexities of technology, e-payments, and shipping.

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