The government intends to fully implement the first National Cybersecurity Policy by the end of June 2022 in order to track, detect, protect and respond in a timely manner to international threats to the country’s digital ecosystem.

The policy will enable the government to protect itself from cyberattacks such as the Federal Tax Agency (FBR).

Dr. Muhammad Sohail Rajput, Federal Secretary (Information and Communication Technology), said Thursday that the federal government has already approved the draft policy on July 27, 2021.

Policy implementation is still at the stage of establishing a public committee at the national level that provides a governance structure for the entire country.

“We hope to have a Computer Emergency Response Team by the end of this fiscal year,” said Dr Rajput speaking at the 13th International Security Conference hosted by Total Communications – Infosec 2021.

The government has budgeted Rs. 2 billion for the Cyber Security project.

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