Chinese smartphone maker Realme announced the launch of low-cost 5G phones in Pakistan as the parent company announced it would open a local assembly line in the country.

Realme’s Regional Marketing Director Sherry Dong said the brand has received a superb response in Pakistan, which is why the company is currently prioritizing the introduction of 5G mobile phones in the country.

The company has planned to set up a local assembly line for its products, after which the latest technology would be available in Pakistan at an affordable price.

The plant has two separate assembly lines – one for each of the Oppo and RealMe brands.

The Regional Director pointed out that the company had some problems with Pakistani customs because the delay in the release of shipments led to a shortage of products.

Through a dedicated assembly line for Realme Phones, the company will be offering 5G mobile phones and other artificial intelligence products at an affordable price.

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