Microsoft has introduced a minor but important feature in its Skype video calling service. Skype Android users can now blur the background during a video call.

An update from Microsoft recently added background blur support for Skype for Android users. This update will be available to users of phones running Android Marshmallow (6.0) and higher.

This feature has been available to iOS users for 2 years and is now rolling out to Android devices. In fact, this feature is also available on Windows, Mac OS and Linux operating systems.

When blurring the background, only the user’s face will be displayed, and everything in the background will be blurred, for this the company used machine learning and border detection technology.

It’s also easy to disable this feature: during a Skype call, go to the three-dot menu and tap Blur Background. This function will blur not only static, but also moving objects and people, and only the face will be clearly visible.

Another Skype feature has been added in this update.

According to the company, when you receive an instant message, a smiling face appears in front of it, and by clicking on it, different emoticon reactions can be used.

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