Pakistan’s trade deficit for the four-months period from July-October 2020 decreased to $7.58 billion as compared to $7.72 billion deficit in the corresponding fiscal of last year, marking a decline of 1.8% .

As per data from Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), the trade deficit was recorded at $ 1.739 billion in October 2020, lower from a $ 2.432 billion deficit as of September 2020, showing an improvement of 28.5% on Month on Month Basis. Trading Deficit improved by 14.46 per cent as compared to October-2019.

Exports rose 10.16% to $ 2.081 billion from $ 1.889 billion in September 2020 an increase of 3.07% over October-2019.

While imports were down 11.59 percent to $ 3.82 billion from $ 4.321 billion in September 2020, and down 5.73 percent from October 2019.

Overall, the export value for the 4-month period reached $ 7.554 billion, up from $ 7.529 in the same period last year, marking a slight increase of 0.3%. However, imports declined 0.8 percent over this period to stand at $ 15.13 billion, compared with $ 15.251 for the same period in last year.

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